Friday, March 25, 2011

Gypsy Cat

Gypsy Cat by good mood factory
Gypsy Cat, a photo by good mood factory on Flickr.

How much I love Gypsies! I just could not resist to draw this Gypsy Cat as a friend of Nitinha...

Friday with an illustration.
A ilustração da semana.


  1. Hej Nitinha is back again!
    Great illustration and the gypsy cat looks like Pippi's horse. x

  2. You are right, Ingrid, I did not even think about it, when I decided to put dots on a horse. I had 3 possibilities, or white, but then he was to naked, stripes- then he would be a zebra not a horse. Then I put dots. But who would not like to have a white horse with dots like Pippi. I would like. So, let him to have it. Even Little Ivo has a little one...;)))