Friday, February 19, 2010

Friends of Nitinha - Ingrid Jansen

Ingrid Jansen - Dutch designer and Creator of wonderful " WOOD & WOOL STOOL "

Friday with an illustration.

A ilustração da semana.


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  2. :)))) Anita, what a super cool illustration!
    I'm so very honored and pleased with the work of art that you have of me. I just got back from Villa August and I will suggest this lovely dress as our new spring outfit!
    I enjoy the striking details with a big smile right now. My Kronan bike and the way you've drawn the stools. So sweet of you! X Ingrid

  3. Ingrid, I am so glad you like it! You are such a loyal friend of Nitinha, I just could not resist to do it:)
    Thank you for your all comments!

  4. rsrsrs, I love Nitinha's friends